After dining at the Weber Grill Restaurant, many of our guests have asked the following questions...
Check out the answers and fun facts below.

Are those real Weber kettle grills?
Yes, they are customized versions of the Weber Kettle. They look a bit different than the store-bought version because they don’t have the porcelain enamel coating—they’re stainless steel for commercial grade use. But other than that, they’re manufactured by Weber, like your grill at home.

Do you really cook on charcoal?
Yeah, take a peek in our Open Kitchen. You’ll see our chefs constantly preparing new charcoal in a Weber Chimney Starter, just like you might do at home.

How much charcoal do you use?
About 1 ton per day. That’s 2000 pounds! Imagine hauling that home every day.

How hot do the grills get?
Direct searing grills fire up to 1300°F–1500°F.

How many burgers will fit on that enormous grill?
You could fit 300 burgers on the big red grill outside our Lombard restaurant.

What kind of steaks do you serve?
Black Angus beef

Sangria, anyone?
We serve over 15,000 glasses of sangria per month at our restaurants. It’s our specialty, try some.

Where can I get some good grilling recipes?
Check out—our sister site is loaded with recipes and grilling tips.

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