watch the grilling experts in action
Our unique Open Kitchen Environment lets you step up and watch our chefs as they carefully prepare your meal over an open flame—on real Weber Kettle Grills indoors!

Things to look for in our open kitchen
Watch our chefs masterfully prepare steaks, burgers, chops and chicken to your desired level of doneness on real Weber kettles grills.

The grills are very similar to the Weber Ranch Kettle, but modified slightly for indoor restaurant use. (Notice they are not porcelain coated since it doesn’t rain indoors.)

FYI, that’s real charcoal they’re piling into those grills, heating them up to about 1500°F.

Our chefs heat up about 2000 pounds of coal per day, using a genuine Weber Chimney Starter just like you would at home.

Our chefs control multiple Weber kettles at a time, each at a different temperature—one for searing, one for indirect, and one for vegetables.

At a typical dinner rush, you’ll see many specialized people working together in our kitchen. It’s a carefully choreographed endeavor to bring you the best grilled food from the folks who know barbecue best, Weber.

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